While some movies and television shows have romanticized the idea of being a fugitive on the run, the real world version is not as glamorous as Hollywood makes it seem.

Now, it is true that some individuals who are wanted by authorities end up being found "not guilty" of the crimes they are charged with. But often those who are on the run aren't just wanted for crimes that they are accused of, but they have also been previously convicted of other crimes. These individuals pose an obvious danger to the general public.

Bringing these individuals into custody are extremely important in the eyes of law enforcement. Especially when they are viewed as dangerous threats to the community. This is why rewards will often be posted to help solicit information on these fugitives. Some of these rewards can be worth thousands of dollars.

Currently in Texas, there are numerous fugitives who have rewards posted that exceed $3,000. With some rewards going as high as $7,500 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these fugitives. These fugitives are accused of serious crimes, while many are already convicted felons.

Multiple fugitives on the list below are already convicted sex offenders. Even if the crimes they are currently under investigation for don't include sex crimes, the fact that they are already felons makes them a higher risk to the public. Which again, is part of why authorities are placing thousands of dollars in rewards on their investigations.

Check out this list of high rewards offered for fugitives in Texas:

Lufkin and Mabank, Texas Police Looking for Fugitives with Up to $3,000 Rewards

Two dangerous men wanted in Lufkin and Mabank are still on the loose with big rewards attached for their capture. 

Gallery Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety

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