I walked out of my house Friday morning headed for work and found a parking ticket on my car. I was parked in my driveway but my rear tires were were touching the side walk. OMG what a crime!

Hey, I support the local police, a cheer for the boys and girls in blue, they're just doing their job. Right? Not this jerk!

Here's what I think happened. This police officer most likely patrols the school zones every morning and tickets people who are speeding. That's fine, he/she is protecting our children, doing their job, I'm all for that.

Today would have been a regular school day but all the schools were closed because of Hurricane Isaac. So there were no school zones to patrol and the cop was bored with nothing to do. So they spot my tires on the sidewalk (where school children walk) and stuck a ticket on my car.

School was out, no kids were out walking to school on the side walk. My rear tires didn't get in anyone's way Friday morning. If school had been open the cop would have been watching the school zone. But school was closed and the cop was looking for just any reason to write tickets.

You got me you jackass. You knew you couldn't make you daily ticket writing quota and the chief wouldn't be impressed with you. You needed ATTENTION and a pat on the back. I have your name and badge number but I won't post it because then you would get attention. I like calling you jackass better anyway!

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