Do you enjoy watching old people hurt and/or embarrass themselves in public? First of all, shame on you. Second of all: good news! There's a new 'Jackass' movie coming to theaters this fall, and this one focuses solely on Johnny Knoxville's elderly character, Irving Zisman. Are you prepared for 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa'?

To be fair, this 'Jackass' installment is a bit different from the others, which were just body-crunching skits centered around Knoxville and friends hurling themselves into walls and punching each other in the groin. 'Bad Grandpa' actually delivers (or attempts to deliver) a story, while still incorporating the real-life public spectacles that have made the character so cringeworthy and amusing.

In the film,  Zisman (played by Knoxville in prosthetics) is forced to travel across the country to take his grandson (seven-year-old Jackson Nicholl) to live with his father after the child's mother is sent to jail. According to USA Today, the road-trip movie features some fiction, some serious stunts in front of shocked bystanders and numerous hidden-camera pranks. Fun Fact: the screenplay was co-written by Oscar-nominated director (and longtime 'Jackass' contributor) Spike Jonze!

Among the shenanigans featured: Irving shoplifting from a convenience store, dressing up his grandson as a girl and entering him in a girl's beauty pageant, and disrupting a wedding and a funeral. Cute!

'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' opens on October 25.

Jackass Bad Grandpa

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