Imagine not being able to go to Starbucks, Target, the mall, out to dinner (you know, all of this when it's not COVID-19 season) without someone thinking you're a mega superstar celebrity. That's the reality for Ashley, a nurse from Nashville who shared a TikTok video just to have it BLOW UP.

Now before we get to the video, a few disclaimers:

  • I DO think Ashley looks a lot like Taylor especially with her hair and makeup choices.
  • IF the "hey Taylor!" approaches do get old, she could just change her hair and makeup.
  • She should NOT have to change her hair and makeup choices.
  • I love all of her outfits. Very Taylor.

Ok, now let's get to the video and have you judge for yourself!

Do you see it?? Very Taylor. But if we go back to my disclaimers, if it really bothered her (which it wouldn't bother me), she could just change a few things. The video did take off though in a BIG way. Ashley posted in a follow up video that she did the whole thing for fun.

"The video was made as a joke; a lot of people took a little too seriously," she said. "True story, I did move to Nashville, my nickname's been Taylor Swift since before I can even remember. The video was an idea from my old, old middle school and high school friends. So, I thought it would be funny to do it. Didn't realize it was gonna blow up, but that is OK. I'm not really that bothered by it, so just take it with a grain of salt."


Here's to hoping Taylor sees this!

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