As the calendar rolls into 2023, there are plenty of people looking ahead to doing their taxes. No, seriously. While some people dread it, others look forward to the return they're expecting when they do their taxes.

But right now, we're not talking about people who are excited about their taxes. However that doesn't mean these people are going to pay a huge percentage of their earnings back in taxes either. We're talking about the people who are rich enough to have a huge tax bill, but also rich enough to not have to pay it.

These are the type of people who don't have a single CPA, or a team of tax lawyers, these are the type of people who can afford an entire company to work year-round to keep them from paying their tax bill.

The type of people who will end up with a final line of "$0.00" on what they pay in.

You know, the richest people in Texas.

So Texas does have some different tax codes than most of the US. Which means doing your taxes in Texas won't be the same, whether you're turbo rich or not. But living in Texas, and having different state tax laws, doesn't stop your federal taxes from coming due. Again, not that it matters to the people on this list, because they're probably not paying any of them anyway.

While you consider your personal tax burden, or the refund you might get this year, check out this list of people in Texas who can afford to avoid paying taxes...

The Wealthiest People In Texas (2022)

These Are The Wealthiest People In Texas in 2022 according to Forbes.

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