The video of a fight at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas spent the last few weeks of 2022 becoming a viral sensation. In fact, it was probably one of the most viral videos of the entire year, and it only started gaining steam in December.

Maybe more surprising is that the video wasn't new. It didn't happen in 2022. The fight shown in the video was actually from 2021. But when it was reposted to social media in December of 2022, it took off. The video caught fire not because its a Waffle House fight, there are tons of those online. The thing that separated this video was the employee who had a chair thrown at her head. She became an online legend because the video clearly shows her catching the chair out of the air, and throwing it off to the side like a hero in a Marvel movie.

Here's the video, there is a lot of NSFW language in it, so be mindful with your speakers...

The employee not only caught the chair, but stood her ground, which is something many online point to as a reason to love her. There's another shot of the video that shows her taunting the attackers after she deflected their chair shot.

Because of her portrayal in this viral video, the internet fell in love. She's got new nicknames, like Waffle House Wendy, The Last Chairbender, and The Waffle House Avenger. Fanart has even started to appear online:

While celebrities have also jumped in on the viral sensation. Including super hero icon Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. Who took a moment to share her support in a tongue-in-cheek way...

But even though the internet loves Waffle House Wendy, the company who she was working for when she was attacked doesn't seem to like her too much. In fact, according to the woman in the video, Waffle House has "blacklisted" her. She's no longer able to work at a Waffle House again.

The former Waffle House employee, known as Halie on her Youtube, posted a video sharing her side of the story. Touching on how the fight started, and what the aftermath was. Here is her side of things:

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