The New Orleans Saints put up a heck of a fight on Sunday Night Football at home against the Green Bay Packers but came up a touchdown short 37-30.

The narrative all last week was whether or not Drew Brees was done, was his arm shot, and was the offense getting stale?

After another week and another loss in which Drew Brees failed to throw the ball 20+ yards down the field at all, I'm sure fans will be curious what in the world is the offense doing?

What the offense is doing is taking what the defense gives them, Brees said in his press conference after the game that they called plays to go down the field more but the coverage the Packers were playing didn't allow for it. He also added that it's his job to make good decisions with the football and that he's not in the business of forcing the football somewhere it's not smart to throw it.

Those of you complaining about Brees' air-yards are a little behind the times because according to Next Gen Stats the lack of air-yards is nothing new dating back to 2016:

Excluding 2016 there has been nothing wrong with the offenses ability to put up points and be productive as it sits right now they're just really missing what Michael Thomas brings to the table. The Saints don't have an offense predicated on pushing the ball down the field, they don't have those type of receivers. They've got guys who will beat you underneath, make you miss, and beat you with a death by a thousand cuts approach.

Michael Thomas is the very best at that and without him, it has been an adjustment for sure but it was nice to see Alvin Kamara get into the flow of the game as well as Emmanuel Sanders.

The big problem here this season has been the defense, they haven't been what we thought they were supposed to be. The secondary has been getting toasted left and right as many players have very low grades through three games.

Malcolm Jenkins has graded out at a 52 on Pro Football Focus, Marshon Lattimore is at a 44, Marcus Williams is sitting at a 57, and Janoris Jenkins is the highest at 68.

The defense as a whole is allowing 31 points per game and if things don't turn around with Dennis Allen's group this could turn into a long season.


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