Taysom Hill has really yet to step out of the shadows completely as a passer while getting an opportunity to play quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

During the Atlanta Falcons game, his first start ever in the NFL as a QB he made some nice throws, had a deep touchdown called back because of a hold and missed on some throws as well. However, in the Denver game last week he looked unsure of himself, hesitant, and overall not as comfortable but in his defense, it was his first time playing QB on the road.

On the year, he's 44/62 for 397 yards, no touchdowns, and one INT. According to Pro Football Focus, Taysom was actually pretty good against Atlanta grading out at an 81 as a passer in that game and at about an 80 overall. Against the Broncos, he struggled to a 41 grade as a passer, 68 as a runner, and a 47 overall.

Now, clearly, he's a quality runner from the QB position as through two starts he's racked up 93 yards on 20 carries and has scored four touchdowns.

But the question still remains, is he the best option at quarterback for the New Orleans Saints?

Earlier in the week, I posed the question regarding whether or not the offense would flow better with Jameis Winston under center? Some of you agreed, some of you disagreed, so let's get into it.

I agree with you that winning football games is the most important thing and the bottom line is that Taysom Hill is 2-0 as the Saints starting quarterback but I can't help shake this feeling that Winston would be able to run the offense more effectively.

I'm going to preface this next statement by saying I do in fact love Taysom Hill as a football player and maybe even a person, I'm sure he's a cool dude but he's a jack of all trades and master of none.

He hasn't proven to be bad as a quarterback and he adds the ability of athletism and mobility to the position, something the Saints haven't had since Aaron Brooks.

Like I mentioned, he made some quality throws under pressure in the Falcons game so don't sit there and think I'm absolutely burying him but in the Broncos game he just didn't look sure of himself. Now, the Broncos pass-defense is quality so that factored in but he threw for just 78 yards. I'm not saying that he needed to throw for a ton of yardage because the ground game was rolling as well as the defense but you'd like to see him have a little more success through the air.

The biggest factor that concerns me with Hill is that he hasn't found a way to get his best offensive weapon involved in the games he's started and that's Alvin Kamara.

Through two games with Taysom as the signal-caller, Kamara has one catch for -2 yards... We're talking about one of the most versatile backs in the league and he hasn't been able to put the ball in his hands to make plays, that's a little bit concerning.

Great Tweet from Michael Fabiano of Sports Illustrated. I know Kamara has been dealing with a little bit of a foot issue so that could be a minor factor and New Orleans hasn't needed him heavily involved in the passing game to win games but I'd like to see that change. It would give me a lot more confidence in Hill if he would get AK more involved moving forward and that's where I feel as though Winston would do a better job as well as being a more accomplished passer from the pocket.

I'm willing to continue to give Hill the shot because I believe he's earned it by being winning to do whatever was asked of him over the last few years to help this team win.

However, I still believe there is something going on below the surface with Sean Payton and the Saints about wanting to keep Jameis under wraps so they'll be able to resign him on the cheap again in 2021.

What say you? Let me know.


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