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The way it sounds, he's the franchise.

After multiple years or questions, debates, and negotiations, the Dallas Cowboys have agreed to an extension with former Haughton Buccaneer Dak Prescott. The quarterback will now get one of the biggest deals in NFL history.

It is a 4-year contract worth a total of $160 million, which translates to an average of $40 million a season. But the way the money is structured is pretty incredible, even by NFL standards. Dak will get $66 million up front in a signing bonus, then will get a $75 million salary his first season, as EPSN's Adam Schefter points out, a record amount. The deal also includes a total of $126 million in guaranteed money.

Oh, and the deal comes with a no trade clause, according to Schefter's source.

The Dallas Cowboys have been negotiating with Dak for a while now, with many fans engaging in their own version of a "is he worth it deal". Last season must have proven to Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones what it did to some fans, when the Cowboys fell off after Dak was injured.

Dak suffered a gruesome compound fracture and dislocated ankle in Week 5 of last year's NFL season. He's going to fully recover according to reports from Dallas, which likely helped influence the team to sign this deal. Because after they saw what the team looked like on the field without Dak, they might have gained a better understanding of his worth to the team.

In his first four games last year with new Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, Dak threw for a total of 1,690 yards. With three games over 400 yards, and a 500 yard game against the Cleveland Browns. After Dak's injury, the combination of Cowboys quarterbacks only topped 300 yards one time, when Andy Dalton threw for 377 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles in week 16.

Between the team's poor play after he was injured, and his success on the field since he was forced into the starting role his rookie season, the team clearly saw the value in keeping Dak in Dallas.


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