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When you think of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson what do you think about?

Is it the fact that he's a Super Bowl champion? How about a six-time Pro-Bowler? Definitely one of the most talented, exciting quarterbacks in the league to watch play who always gives his team a chance to win.

All of those things are true but you should also think about how this man has never won an NFL MVP. Better yet, he's never even received a single vote to be the league MVP which is a shocker I know, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

When you think about it on the surface it almost seems impossible, doesn't it? However, let's take a look below the surface, shall we?

If you go back and look at Wilson's numbers over his career he's never been named as a First Team All-Pro (Second Team in 2019) and he's only led the league in any passing category twice in his career (passer rating in 2015 and TD's in 2017).

Those two years in 2015 and 2017 were his best:

2015: 68% Completion, 4,024 yards, 34 TD, 8 INT, 110 Passer Rating. Record was 10-6
2017: 61% Completion, 3,983 yards, 34 TD, 11 INT, 95 Passer Rating. Record was 9-7

During those season's the MVP's were Cam Newton ('15) and Tom Brady ('17)

Cam Newtown 2015: 60% Completion, 3,837 yards passing, 35 TD, 10 INT, 99 Passer Rating, 132 rushes for 636 yards, and 10 TD. Record was 15-1 and lost in the SB.

Tom Brady 2017: 66% Completion, 4,577 yards, 32 TD, 8 INT, 103 Passer Rating. Record was 13-3 and lost in the SB.

With all that being said there are eight somewhat surprising players who have received votes for NFL MVP since Wilson entered the league in 2012. Here they are:

The Eight Players Who Have Received an NFL MVP Vote Since 2012


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