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It seems like we've been talking about Dak Prescott's contract situation with the Cowboys for a few years now. Dak, according to reports, wanted a contract that would rival some of the biggest and best in the NFL. The Cowboys want to give him a middle of the road deal that's very team friendly. Despite two plus years of negotiations, neither side seems to be any closer to agreeing to terms.

But, over the past few days, the contract situation with Haughton native seems to be making a weird turn. Yesterday, a couple of seemingly major developments took place. While nothing concrete has been online in a few months, there were some social media developments that could be pointing to what could possibly happen in very near future.

The first story to develop yesterday comes from Instagram. Someone online noticed that Dak started following the Washington Football Team. Of course, this could mean absolutely nothing. But, on the other hand, Washington has a lot of free money and is in the market for a quarterback they believe could lead them to a Super Bowl Championship. And given that they made the playoffs using 4 different quarterbacks, including practice squad QB Taylor Heinicke who almost led the team to win over the Tampa Bay Bucs, it's possible that Dak may solve all their issues.

The other thing that happened yesterday afternoon was a Dallas Cowboys Hype Video. The Boys released the video signaling that the new season starts now. Which is brilliant marketing, really. However, the 30 second clip had one extremely noticeable omission: no Dak Prescott. In fact, the video didn't show any quarterback other than Troy Aikmen. Again, this could have been an oversight from the marketing department (in fact, the Cowboys Senior Director of marketing said that Dak's omission from the video was an oversight and that there's "no story here)...but considering Dak was the number one rated quarterback until he suffered a gruesome leg injury, it's kind of hard to imagine he was left out accidentally. Check out the hype video below:

So, what does all this mean? For the Cowboys, they probably feel that they don't need to give a huge contract to Prescott. Honestly, this is one of the most QB rich markets we've seen in a while. From veterans to rookies to the trade market, there's a lot of quarterbacks available. So, they Boys may not feel the pressure they've felt in years past to get a deal done or franchise tag Dak. In their minds, he may  be viewed as expendable.

As far as Dak goes, if the Cowboys actually do let him hit the market or they pull off a sign and trade, his options are endless. The Colts, Washington, Bears, Saints and several others are a QB away from being top contenders. And, outside of the Saints, all those teams have a lot of free money to hand over to a quarterback they see as the future.

Again, this is all speculation and online rumor...but this contract fire has been burning for a few years now. The Boys have given huge deals to Zeke and several other players. They have several other big time players they're either going to have to cut checks to or let go. No matter what happens, it's going to be an interesting off-season and what happens with Dak isn't just going to effect the Cowboys, it could change the entire NFL landscape.

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