In a move that has many Airmen excited, the U.S. Air Force will be adjusting their tattoo policy.

The Air Force will be moving away from their "25% Rule" that limited coverage on back, arms, chests, and legs. According to previous rules, an Airman would have to reduce the size of coverage on any of those body parts to less than 25% of the exposed skin. Under the new rules, and Airman could have a full sleeve, back piece, or larger leg pieces.

However, tattoos on the neck, face, head, scalp, lips, and tongue will remain banned. Hands will be restricted to small, single-finger ring bands, with small hand tattoos that were authorized under the old policy will be grandfathered in.

Additionally, unauthorized content, including racist and discriminatory content, will remain banned.

These changes come from a review of Air Force Recruiters who said nearly half of the candidates and recruits they spoke with had tattoos, and of those 20% had tattoos that would require review. The goal of lifting this rule is to encourage recruitment to a wider base of the population.


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