Everyone is talking about the NFL Draft this week, and we're no different here at 1130 The Tiger. Tim Fletcher has been talking heavy draft coverage all week, and we're going to take some of his work, and mix it in with the rest of the Tiger staff, to come up with our best shot at a mock draft.

This will be pretty long, so this will be part 1 of our Mock Draft.

We will NOT be including trades. We might suggest spots for trade, and honestly, the trades that might happen will change the outcome of picks. But we're going to give it  a shot and see how close we can come:

1 Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma

Tim Fletcher has been calling for this for WEEKS. Fletcher loves Baker, and thinks he's exactly what the Browns need.

2 New York Giants - Saquon Barkley, RB Penn State (TRADE ALERT)

This is an interesting spot, and the point where the draft can go crazy. Teams like the Patriots have a lot of ammunition, and could want this pick. This draft is also happen in the House that Jerry Jones Built, so watching for Jones to make a big splash starts here.

Fletcher thinks that it will be hard for the Giants to pass on Sam Darnold, which is very true. But they might be looking at winning with Eli now, more than replacing him down the line. Barkley gives them a chance to win today.

3 New York Jets - Sam Darnold, QB USC

Fletcher thinks there will be three QBs taken in the first three picks in this draft, and we don't hate that theory. But if the Giants can't trade out of the #2 spot, it's probably hard for them to take a QB over Barkley.

The Jets love this situation. They will take a QB no matter what. They likely have a list of who they like more than others, but honestly if they get any of the Top 3, they'll be happy. Since most scouts love Darnold above everyone else, this sounds like a dream pick for the Jets.

4 Cleveland Browns - Bradley Chubb, DE N.C. State (TRADE ALERT)

The Browns have seriously put together everything you could ask for in an NFL Draft. They have two of the Top 5 picks, and a TON in the first 100 picks. So why does it say "Trade Alert"?

Because they want more.

If they can't get the king's ransom they want, taking Chubb won't hurt. He's a beast, with a high motor, and the Browns need as much talent as they can possibly find. Chubb could be a #1 overall pick in other years.

5 Denver Broncos - Quenton Nelson, G Notre Dame (TRADE ALERT)

It might seem like a cheap way out to say "Trade Alert" all over the place, but this first round is going to be crazy. This is probably the spot where Buffalo or the Patriots flip into for the quarterback leftovers.

If Denver can't find a dance partner, they get Nelson to help protect their new quarterback investment, Case Keenum.

6 Indianapolis Colts - Minkah Fitzpatrick, S Alabama (TRADE ALERT)

OK, we're going to stop the "trade alerts" soon...but this draft will be authored by trades.

If the Colts have to pick here, they need to aim for their defense. The debate between Fitzpatrick and Florida State safety Derwin James will happen where it can't be seen, but they will aim for one of these two.

7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Derwin James, S Florida State

Tamps Bay will be happy to take the best defensive player available here, and making it a Florida State player makes it pretty sweet.

8 Chicago Bears - Roquan Smith, LB Georgia

Roquan Smith still being on the draft board speaks volumes over this quarterback panic. Smith, much like Chubb, these type of players would be looked at as #1 overall picks if there weren't so many quarterback hungry teams at the top of the draft this year.

Bears don't hate this.

9 San Francisco 49ers - Denzel Ward, DB Ohio State (TRADE ALERT)

OK, last "trade alert", promise.

If someone slips, and the trades cause panic, this would be a prime spot for a team to flip into to take a dropping player (Josh Allen and Josh Rosen is available on our board) that they are dreaming of. Arizona, New England, and Baltimore would all be looking here

If the 49ers take here, they look to get a "Robin" for newly acquired Richard Sherman's "Batman". If they can get some young talent to learn from Sherman, they're going to be really happy.

10 Oakland Raiders - Mike McGlinchey, OT Notre Dame

The Raiders are no longer a team who's looking to take the fastest player on the board. They're going to try and build a team around quarterback Derek Carr, and that starts with keeping him healthy. Which is where McGlinchey comes in.
OK, that's it for Part 1 of our Mock Draft. When we post Part 2, it will have the rest of the First Round.

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