College football is a game of passion. The teams play with passion. The coaches coach with passion. And the fans, embody the passion so strong that many grown people allow the athletic exploits of 18 to 22-year-olds to destroy their moods for an entire week if things don't go right.

This past Saturday things did not go "right" for the Texas A&M Aggies football team. The Aggies have already had the spotlight shined on them because of off-season comments made by Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban. Coach Saban suggested that A&M had "purchased" their players via the university's aggressive use of changes in the NIL rules. 

Starr Cards via YouTube
Starr Cards via YouTube

The Aggies also have one of the highest-paid football coaches in the college game too. Jimbo Fisher is being paid a lot of money to bring a national championship to College Station. So far, that investment had not paid off but maybe this was going to be the year.

Then the vaunted Appalachian State Mountaineers came calling. As you might expect, the Aggies must have swallowed some of Coach Saban's rat poison as they, Texas A&M did not handle their business.

To make matters worse, the night before the game at the time-honored "Midnight Yell" a late-night pep rally held on campus the University's "Yell Leaders" kind of invited karma to come in and basically take a dump on Aggieland.

My, those certainly were some unkind things that young man said about the boys from North Carolina wasn't it? Oh, I get it, it's trash-talking and it's what makes college football fun, as long as it doesn't get personal and your team can beat the other team.

Since neither of those things happened, I am pretty sure the gang at App State, a proud member of the Sunbelt Conference is having a field day with this video. Lord knows the rest of the Internet is having a field day with it. So y'all let's "gig 'em" isn't that how they do it at Texas A&M?

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