We all experience it — That frustrating time of day when you know you’re going to be stuck in rush hour traffic. Held to the mercy of the freeway gods as you crawl your way to work, tiring out that right leg as you constantly stop and accelerate, while swearing at the guy in the Mercedes who didn’t use his blinker and swerved right in front of you. It’s something we all hate, and Ford is looking to alleviate that dreaded drive by letting the car do the work for you.

Ford’s ‘Traffic Jam Assist’ is an automated driving technology that takes the stress of traffic jam driving out of your hands, and lets the car do the driving. Utilizing state of the art camera detection systems, the car will automatically accelerate, steer and brake while you read the newspaper, drink your coffee, text your mistress, put on your makeup or the hundred other distractions you’re already doing behind the wheel.

According to the video below, Ford’s technology will alleviate those stop/start woes. The car will be able to detect the distance of the cars in front of you and accelerate and brake accordingly. If a car cuts you off (the guy in the Mercedes) Ford’s technology can detect that as well, preventing a collision. Once traffic clears up, the car alerts you to once again take over control of the vehicle. As soon as you finish shaving of course.

Take a look at how the system works in the video below. It’s just the beginning of technology taking over for the driver.

Now all Ford has to do is come up with an automated middle finger that pops out from the roof and we’d be set.

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