Interstate 10 remains closed between Louisiana and Texas. This major roadway was closed several days ago because of flooding along the Sabine River. Most authorities believe it will be Monday at the earliest before flood waters will recede enough for any consideration of reopening the roadway can begin.

Still, life goes on and commerce and travel between Louisiana and Texas must continue. State police have added another alternate route for travelers who need to make their way from South Louisiana into Southeast Texas. Troopers are no longer giving I-49 north to Shreveport and I-20 west into Texas as the only safe route.

Sgt. James Anderson with Louisiana State Police says that U.S. Highway 190 is now an alternate choice for motorists. Here is what he told the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Westbound traffic is being detoured north onto I-49 in Lafayette, U.S. 165 near Iowa, and U.S. 171 in Lake Charles then west onto U.S. 190 into Texas.

While this is still a significant detour as far as travel time is concerned it is still several hours shorter than making the trip all the way to Shreveport only to head south toward Houston and Beaumont.