It's a little strange to lose a body part. But that's what happened to St. Louis Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter when surgeons removed one of his ribs in an attempt to alleviate pressure that was running up his pitching arm.

After the surgery Carpenter was presented with the bone, and he knew just what to do with it:

My daughter asked me to bring something back from the hospital and she said 'your rib,' he told Fox Sports Midwest. "So I brought my rib back. Fortunately the doctor gave it to me and allowed me to take it home. I'm sure we'll do something with it ... Make a necklace or bracelets or something. We haven't figured that out yet."

Ava Carpenter is seven, and we figure a rib-bone necklace would cause quite a stir in her second grade class. We just hope the other dads don't try to compete because an appendix brooch would be pretty horrifying.

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