Like the plot of the Samuel L. Jackson movie of the same name, an Australian pilot found himself staring at a snake as he maneuvered a plane through the air. The fact that the small Air Frontier plane was carrying no passengers and it was only one snake didn’t temper the drama one bit.

Nevertheless, a snake is the last thing you want to see on a plane, as Mr. Jackson so famously (and more colorfully) pointed out, so pilot Braden Blennerhassett was justifiably spooked.

“I turned [the plane] around and got it headed back towards Darwin there and said ‘Look, you’re not going to believe this. I’ve got snakes on a plane’,” Blennerhassett explained.

At first air traffic control was skeptical. But after realizing ‘Snakes on the Plane’ jokes from pilots was more of 2006 thing, they started to take him seriously and summoned a snake catcher to met the aircraft upon landing.

But (surprise, surprise) the shifty devil escaped capture by slivering into the control panel. Because of the snake, the plane remains grounded

“Until we find the snake, it’s not good for business,” said Air Frontier director Geoffrey Hunt. Snakes on a plane: Not good for anybody.

Watch Blennerhassett talk about his ripped-from-the-movies ordeal below.

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