This past weekend my fishing partner and I spent the day on Lake Bistineau and the recent heavy rains brought on an added obstacle that most people would have never considered.

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We were amazed at the number of snakes we encountered on the lake. Most were the non-venomous, banded water snakes, but there was one monster water moccasin lying on the limbs of a flooded bush.  Just seeing one of those big suckers, even from fifty feet away, just gives me the willies.

Snake, Cottonmouth, Coiled, Mouth open
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Seeing so many snakes reminded me of the growing number of snake sightings I've seen lately on social media with most people asking essentially the same question, "Is this snake poisonous?"

The warm months have people enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities, and the likelihood of a snake encounter increases exponentially. published an article a couple years ago that tells us:

Forty-eight species of snakes can be found in Louisiana, but only seven of them are venomous.

The motto of, says it best, "We fear what we don't understand. Education is our goal."

In Louisiana, it's not a question of "if you'll encounter a snake" but more of "when you encounter a snake", Real World Survival Gear published a great video to help you identify the seven venomous species in Louisiana.

But for quick reference, take a look at the pictures in this guide.

Louisiana's 7 Venomous Snakes

Louisiana is home to 48 different species of snakes, but only 7 of those are venomous. These pictures give you a better idea what each of those 7 look like.

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