Head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians was dealt a $50,000 fine after an incident during the team's wildcard game. After a muffed-punt and subsequent pile-up, Arians walked onto the field and smacked his own player in the back of the head.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Michael Reaves

In the heat of a playoff game, Bruce Arians was apparently unhappy with how his safety, Andrew Adams, was reacting to a pile-up that followed a muffed-punt. Video of the incident went viral on social media as many wondered why Arians reacted the way that he did.


See the announcement of the fine via @AdamSchefter on Twitter below.

In the video, you can see Arians walk onto the field as the referees attempt to separate players. An Eagles player who was being held back by a referee is looking, and assumedly jawing, at Adams.

Twitter via @KevinColePFF
Twitter via @KevinColePFF

Whatever Adams was saying or doing apparently did not fly with Arians, as the coach delivered a quick couple of smacks to the back of the players helmet.


An awkward ending to the incident as Adams seemed to be surprised by the hit.

See the full clip of the incident via @KevinColePFF on Twitter here.

Reactions to the clip from Twitter here.

As many defended Coach Arians and his apparent tough-love, many wondered what the case would have been if the shoe were on the other foot. Others suggested that Arians should be fired for what he did, saying that the behavior was unreasonable for a coach.

Either way, the reigning Super Bowl Champion coach certainly knows his team and likewise, his team knows him. Arian's coaching style is what it is and while I can't condone hitting a player, I am guessing that the coach's efforts were to keep his team from getting a penalty.

A report from the @TB_Times confirms that belief.

A coach does whatever it takes to win. In this instance, that meant Bruce Arians giving his player a smack on the back of the head. Was it called for? Maybe not. Was it effective? Seems so as the Bucs were not flagged and went on to win the game.

At the end of the day, Adams certainly took bigger hits to the head throughout this season than the one he took from his head coach during the wildcard matchup. I am guessing that the team has long moved on from this moment, as the Bucs face the Rams in the NFC Divisional round.

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