Now this is our kind of meat market!

Last week, a German supermarket turned out hundreds of naked shoppers hoping to get their hands on some free groceries. Some were probably even trying to get their hands on a little something else. WINK WINK.

The store’s gimmick offered more than just a daily special on wieners, melons and buns. The first hundred people to come in and shop naked got to keep $276 worth of free food, booze, and anything else they could fit into their shopping carts.

While this event certainly gave new meaning to the words “canned goods”, judging from the video, this may have been the first time in history that people weren’t actually in a hurry to get out of the checkout line.

WARNING — Video NSFW or Shop-Rite

While we are not sure if we would have shown up for the free groceries or the peepshow, we are convinced that a reality show featuring naked women shopping for liquor would be a huge success.

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