The latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis are out, and they paint a pretty bleak picture of real personal income in the Bayou State.  "Real personal income," is a number the bureau uses in their calculations that refers to the amount of money you are bringing in that is adjusted for inflation on buying power. Basically, it takes into account how much you get paid - and how much of what you need you can buy with that money.  So, if it seems like life has been more expensive for you over the last year - you're probably right.

According to the Advocate, those calculations show that even though incomes are up across the country at 1.6%, the great state of Louisiana is down 1.1%.  Statewide, the numbers fluctuate wildly - with Baton Rouge reporting a tiny slip (.6%), to a comparatively massive dip in Lafayette (7.5%).  Not every city in Louisiana was caught slipping, the residents of Lake Charles reported a jump of 4% in their incomes.  The Shreveport / Bossier City area posted a loss of 2.7%.

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