A woman took off her clothes and got naked at the Denver Internal Airport. Do they have flights to Shreveport from there?

She was smoking a cigarette, (can't do that in the airport), and when staff told her to put it out, she started shedding her clothes.

I guess she thought if you're caught smoking, you have to get a 'pat-down and search' by security. Don't they have a special room for that?

TMZ got an exclusive picture of it,  (my apology that it's blurry), and FOX31 managed to get some video footage. Check it out below!

You can't see anything because they blurred it out, but it's fun to watch anyway, go ahead.

If I can find one on YouTube that's not blurry I'll put it on,  so check back in a few minutes.

FOX31 said, "The woman was not arrested – instead she was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. DIA officials stated they weren’t going to press any charges against the woman."