UPDATE: Broadmoor Middle Lab will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday November 6th). Below is a full statement from Caddo Schools Director of Communication Mary Nash-Wood:

Broadmoor Middle Lab will be closed Wednesday, November 6, 2019. This is in an abundance of caution in order to allow for personnel to continue to perform a thorough review of the campus. We are thankful for the efforts of our first responders who have worked with us to ensure the campus is safe and prepared to welcome students and staff.

At this time, no cause has been determined and most of the individuals transported earlier today have been released from area hospitals.


Officials from the Shreveport Fire Department are on the scene at Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School investigating a possible gas leak. SFD were called to the school around 12:45 this afternoon after reports of a possible gas leak. At one point, 17 units were on the scene at the school.

According to Shreveport Fire Officials, several at the school were complaining of dizziness, nausea and headaches. At least 13 'patients' were transported to a local hospital for treatment. SFD did not say whether or not those transported were students, teachers or a combination of the two.

Mary Wood from Caddo Parish Schools issued the following statement regarding the situation:

Broadmoor Middle Laboratory is currently under evacuation as first responders look to determine a cause for students becoming ill. Earlier this afternoon, two students reported feeling ill with symptoms including nausea and a headache. As these students were from the same classrooms, Shreveport Fire and Centerpoint Energy were called in order to determine whether there was a natural gas leak in the classroom.

While a leak or other cause has not been found at this time, a total of 13 students have reported similar symptoms along with 3 staff members. We have opted to evacuate the campus as we complete a thorough search of the campus to determine any reasons for the illnesses.

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

SFD and Centerpoint Energy are continuing their investigation.

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