Some names just carry a bit more weight than others. For example, if your last name is Coors people might expect you to know a little bit more about beer than the rest of the world. Or, if your last name is Heinz you might be expected to be able to quote ketchup stats cold. However, if your last name is Manning, there's a good chance someone somewhere is going to want to pick your brain about football.

No doubt if you follow football in any way shape form or fashion in the state of Louisiana you know two things, Ed Orgeron has quit trying at LSU and any kid with the last name of Manning should be considered as a college prospect no matter how old he happens to be.

You're already aware of Arch Manning, Archies grandson and child of Cooper. Arch will be the "big get" by some college program come national signing day. The young man appears to have all the physical abilities as his family name might suggest. Plus, he's had some pretty good coaching during backyard games I would imagine as well.

But this article is about another Manning. Arch Manning is about to graduate from High School the Manning I am writing about just recently turned 10. His name is Marshall and he is the son of Peyton.

Touchdown Time via YouTube

It was recently revealed that while on the sidelines of the recently played Georgia versus Tennessee football game that Marshall's dad Peyton made a unique request of Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Kirby Smart.

Peyton reportedly asked Coach Smart if he would recruit his son when he becomes old enough for the process. In his comments to the media, Smart interjected some humor by saying that he originally thought the elder Manning was on the field to tell him that he, Peyton, would be suiting up at quarterback for his alma mater Tennessee.

Zach Crutcher via YouTube

Okay, so why would such a minor "dad" story like this draw so much attention? Well, it says two things. Apparently, Peyton will not be pushing for his son to attend the University of Tennessee. After watching Tennessee play football for the past few seasons, I can see why he wouldn't want that to happen.

The second scenario that pundits such as those at brobible are pontificating is that the Manning family must really like what they see going on a Georgia. Which, by the way, is still very high on Arch Manning's alleged schools to consider.  Of course Arch will need to make his decision a little sooner than Marshall. The way I figure it, Marshall has about eight more years before he will actually be faced with that college decision for real.

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