The Saints (8-1) are the hottest team in the NFL, and their head coach doesn't want anyone to put the fire out.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton made national headlines yesterday for destroying a fire alarm in the visiting locker room at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

As Katzenstein reports, the fire alarm was going off throughout the stadium for 15 minutes, but Payton had no intention of his team leaving the premises, or being distracted.

On a media conference call today, Payton explained why he did it.

"Clearly, we were having issues with the fire alarm, relative to 20 or 30 mintues before we were supposed to be out (on the field for the game)," explained Payton. "It continued. It had gone on for 10 minutes and I just needed the noise to stop."

Mission accomplished.

"I'll gladly take care of the repair costs," said Payton, who noted how much he respects Bengals ownership. "In order for us to get ready for the game, it was important (to get it to stop)....It wasn't motivational."

He didn't do it to motivate his team, but expect countless memes to come from it.

I expect to see Saints fans get creative with their signs and outfits on Sunday afternoon when they host the Philadelphia Eagles.

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