In breaking news earlier today, the Carolina Panther have parted ways with head Coach Matt Rhule. This is not extremely shocking news considering that many experts already suspected The third-year head coach was on the hot seat coming into this season. After a 1-4 start and an embarrassing loss on Sunday to the 49ers, the Panthers organization made the decision official.

The Panthers have named Steve Wilks as their interim head coach for the remainder of the season which will give Owner David Tepper time to search for his next head coach. The rumors and odds for the Panther’s next head coach have already started to circulate throughout social media. Saint’s fans might want to close their eyes for this one because Sean Payton is believed to be the top candidate for the Job.

Here is the tricky part of this situation: the Saints still own the rights to Sean Payton’s country through 2024. This means that anyone strongly interested in Payton would have to pay the Saints some form of compensation to get him.

Now, the Panthers aren’t the first team speculated to be interested in the former Saint’s head coach as Dallas was rumored to be a big contender for quite some time now. This can be a great thing for the Saints if they choose to start a bidding war for Sean Payton. The Saints could sit back and see which team is willing to make the best offer.

In my opinion, Sean Payton is not coming back to the Saints, so why not get something for him in return instead of letting him go to another team for free in two years? The idea of a bidding war for Sean Payton is not a new idea, Sports Radio host Michael McCarthy made this prediction back in May of 2022.

The are still some very important questions that need to be answered for this scenario to become reality. The question is, what would the Saints want in return for Sean Payton? Many experts speculate draft capital is the most logical answer considering the team doesn’t have a first-round pick in the 2023 draft. The next question is, does Sean Payton even want to take on a complete rebuild job in Carolina? This is yet to be determined, but it is worth to note that Sean Payton does have great relationships with David Tepper and Panthers GM Fitterer.

While the Panthers are not even close to deciding on who to pursue as their next head Coach, Fans from around the league have made up their mind.

This situation will continue to play for the rest of the season and will make sure to keep you updated if anything were to come out of this. How do you feel about potentially giving Sean Payton to the Panthers?

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