I made my annual pilgrimage to the State Fair of Louisiana over the weekend and gained 14 pounds just walking down the midway.

The food at the fair is nothing short of miraculous.  A combination of culinary calamities and yet, it works.

From your standard corn on the cob, turkey legs, pretzels and nachos to cotton candy, corn dogs and pizza, to some truly exotics, I was blown away at the selection.

Even ran into a friend of mine who only came to the fair to eat supper, and I could totally understand why.

I found everything from Python Beef Jerky to a Butterfinger Candy Apple.  There were Baked Potato Fries, Boudin Balls and Deep Fried Everything (Strawberries, Cookie Dough, Hot Dogs, Oreos and Twinkies)

And whatever wasn't fried, you could get on a stick; Chicken, Shrimp, even Gator.

However, the best I had was the Deep Fried Brownie.  Truly heaven on Earth.  And the weirdest things were all at the same booth.  Cricket Pizza, Scorpion Pizza and Worm Pizza.  They even let you watch while they spread these little creatures on your pizza.

Course the State Fair was closed yesterday, but will reopen at 10:00 this morning, so if you haven't made lunch plans yet, it's definitely worth a thought.

Check out these photos I snapped while walking around to see for yourself.

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