When the New Orleans Saints hit the field on Sunday to face the Los Angeles Rams they'll have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl than any other team during Championship weekend. Conversely, the Rams have the next to lowest odds to win the big game coming into this weekend and a lot of that has to do with the match-up and being on the road.

The Saints currently have a 29% chance to win the Super Bowl, followed by the Kansas City Chiefs at 28%, Rams at 22%, and the New England Patriots at 21%.

However, oddsmakers have the numbers a little bit differently according to Bovada:

  1. Saints: +175
  2. Chiefs: +275
  3. Patriots: +333
  4. Rams: +350

Saints fans, what do you make of having the best odds to win the franchises second Super Bowl? Love the confidence or don't want to jinx the whole thing?


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