Jake Haener has yet to secure his spot on the New Orleans Saints' roster, but he's already making a name for himself in the NFL.

The Saints picked Haener as the 127th overall pick in the fourth round of this year's draft. And let me tell you, this kid is already turning heads during the NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Haener had a photoshoot that currently has the internet going nuts. Seriously, he looked like he was auditioning for a reboot of "Dawson's Creek."

Those pics are pure gold and Haener was absolutely serving looks during his photo session.

Seriously, you have to take it in photo by photo to really appreciate the effort that the Saints rookie doled out during this shoot.

Right out of the gate, this man is a content factory.

My guy is clearly enjoying the moment right now; which is something you can definitely appreciate from someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

A lot of Saints fans are also enjoying the moment.

Just last week, Haener inked his deal with the Saints and got his chance to show off his skills during the rookie minicamp. He's already taken some snaps, and you can bet he's giving it his all.

Now, the starting quarterback position is already locked down by Derek Carr, who the Saints signed. So, Haener's got some stiff competition with Jameis Winston for the starting job. It's gonna be one heck of a battle between these two talented QBs.

Haener had quite the college career too. He started off at Washington before transferring to Fresno State. Throughout his time in college, he racked up some impressive stats—9,120 passing yards, 68 touchdowns, and only 18 interceptions. Oh, and don't forget about his eight rushing touchdowns. The guy's got some serious skills.

As Jake Haener continues his journey to make it big in the NFL and secure his spot on the Saints' roster, his impact and achievements (along with his photos) are already catching everyone's attention. This young football prodigy has got what it takes to shine in the league, and we can't wait to see what he does next.

NFL, Saints, @SharpFootball Twitter
NFL, Saints, @SharpFootball Twitter

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