It seems like the Cowboys and Dak Prescott just don't see eye to eye when it comes to agreeing to a new contract. Negotiations between both sides have been going on since last off-season and, according to the latest reports, it does not appear a deal is any closer to being signed.

ESPN reported on Super Bowl Sunday that it's likely the Cowboys will use its franchise tag on Prescott. According to that report, the two sides disagree over Prescott's value. Prescott, reportedly, wants a contract that will make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. The Cowboys, apparently, are not willing to drop a Brinks truck worth of cash in the Haughton native's front yard.

The Cowboys have said numerous times that resigning the two-time Pro Bowler to a long term deal is a top priority. However, both Steven and Jerry Jones have a history of not paying players more than they feel they are worth. And it appears Dak is currently in that territory.

Will the Boys be able to pull off a last minute deal like they did with Zeke last year? Will Dak be headed to a new home? Only time will tell. But, at the moment, both sides are deadlocked and not willing to budge from their demands. Which is bad news for the Cowboys who have several key players with contracts expiring. If a long term deal is not reached, it could be extremely difficult for Dallas to re-sign some of those players to long term deals and budget for the future.

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