The Boston Red Sox season is over. It's been over. The only thing left to do is play the spoiler role in this season's final series with the New York Yankees. This Red Sox fan blew that chance at Yankee Stadium on Monday. He committed the ultimate treason and now Sox nation, including his family... probably hate him for it.

Yankee catcher Russell Martin came to bat in the second inning and hit a deep fly ball to right.  If you're a Red Sox fan and you're in the bleachers and a deep fly ball is coming at you, here's what you don't do....  you DON'T help the ball get over the fence for a home run.  The look on his face, and the look of the lady Yankee fan next to him say it all.

I myself am a Yankees fan, so I would like to personally thank this member of Sox nation for helping the Yankees score 9 runs in that inning and helping the Yankees increase to a one game lead in the AL East with only two games left to play.

Watch the play below, you can see that he tries to catch the deep fly ball with his hat... only the ball hits off his wrist, then into his chest and as the ball is bouncing back into the field of play... he reaches out and catches it with his hat, ensuring the home run rather than a fan interference call that could've kept it to a ground rule double.

Somehow, I suspect they'll try to blame Bobby Valentine for this one.

And, you can listen to what the Boston fan had to say about his gaffe!

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