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Britney Spears' name has been in a lot of news over the last few months. The #FreeBritney movement has been around for a while, but it has recently picked up steam with support from all across the country. Even with that support, the courts have still denied her freedom.

But Britney hasn't always been held back. She has been a mainstay in American, and worldwide, pop culture since those first notes of "... Baby One More Time" hit radio airwaves in the 90s. From TRL to the Grammys, Britney has been on top, for a long time.

Queen of Louisiana Britney Spears Through The Years

If Britney Spears isn't the Queen of Louisiana, I don't know who is. The Louisiana native has been a pop culture icon for decades, even if the last few years haven't been the best. Let's take a look at Britney through the years...

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