Finales always tend toward the polarizing, but most would agree that the 'Breaking Bad' ultimate end "Felina" at least wrapped up the story of Walter White in a conclusive manner (whether or not you believe it to have happened in real life, or inside Walter's head). That said, two high-profile pop culture icons have spoken out against the 'Breaking Bad' series finale, and while we'd be hard pressed to link acclaimed director Oliver Stone and Britney Spears, their bizarre criticisms certainly merit mention.

Stone in particular made a point to clarify that he hadn't previously watched the series, before dismissing "Breaking Bad' as having too much violence, even for the movies. Speaking to Forbes, the 'Untold History of the United States' director added that he caught the final fifteen minutes of "Felina," and felt Walter's "ridiculous" hi-tech violence would have been laughed off the silver screen:

Nobody could park his car right then and there and could have a machine gun that could go off perfectly and kill all of the bad guys! It would be a joke. It’s only in the movies that you find this kind of fantasy violence. And that’s infected the American culture; you young people believe all of this shit! Batman and Superman, you’ve lost your minds, and you don‘t even know it! At least respect violence. I’m not saying don’t show violence, but show it with authenticity.

Stone went on to dismiss those who bought Walter White's solution as "insane," invoking Michael Bay's style of film-making to point out that the violence loses all sense of meaning with too much visual flare. And speaking of insane, what might pop icon Britney Spears have thought of Walter White's last stand? Speaking to Z100, Britney expressed her own revisionist ending to say "I didn't like it at all. I didn't think he should have died...Maybe they'll do another episode where the ambulance comes and revives him."

So, who ya got? Do either Stone or Spears have any valid points about the 'Breaking Bad' series finale? Relive the best moments of "Felina" below, and give us your own interpretation of the finale in the comments!

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