Kentwood's own Britney Spears has done this little corner of Louisiana proud.  Not only has she earned a spot at the head of the table when it comes to iconic musical talent, she has given tremendous amounts of time and money to charitable organizations around the world that champion causes dear to her heart.  The latest altruistic act from Louisiana's Pop Princess benefits schools in the Bayou State directly.

The whole deal got started when two former school teachers were talking about how the floods not only damaged schools in Louisiana, but it also destroyed tons of school supplies as well.  They knew all too well that teachers are often saddled with the extra cost of necessary classroom materials, and that this had become a cost that might be insurmountable in some of the poorer parishes across our state.  Luckily for educators across the state, these former teachers were in a position to help.  They happened to be Louisiana's First Lady, Donna Edwards, and Lynn Spears (Britney's mom).

They brought in Britney and a plan was formed.  According to, Brit has pledged to donate $1 from every single ticket sold to her show in Las Vegas to a flood recovery fund for her home state.  The initial money will replace destroyed classroom materials essential to educate this years batch of students.  After that need is satisfied, the donated cash will flow into a fund formed for schools damaged in last years floods.

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