That's right, the most polarizing player in today's NFL could find a home in Dallas this off-season. After he's left every meeting with NFL teams this year empty handed, it might be time for Kap to follow the recently laid bread crumbs to Dallas.

Yesterday, Dallas Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson commented this week that Kaepernick "...he has a ton of talent" and "he's talented enough to deserve a chance to be on a team".

Does that quote from Wilson mean the team is on the brink of signing him? Not at all. That would require Jerry Jones deciding the team should take on a reclamation project, and he wouldn't do that, right?

Insert Greg Hardy example.

Hardy was brought into Dallas after being found guilty of abusing his former girlfriend, an offense so egregious that the NFL suspended Hardy for 10 games (which was later reduced to 4). Hardy's signing carried tons of controversy surrounding his arrest, guilty verdict, and settlement, so Jerry isn't too afraid of doing this...


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