Mother Nature sent some rain to Shreveport-Bossier this weekend, but that didn't stop us from turning Festival Plaza into the place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We said Patty in the Plaza would go down rain or shine, and it did. When did a little rain stop Shreveport from having fun?

matthew davidson
Photo: Justin Massoud

The Matthew Davidson Band, fronted by local guitar wunderkind Matthew Davidson, opened up Patty in the Plaza with some original songs and covers.

You wouldn't expect someone who just got his driving permit to possess such skill, but the 16-year-old Davidson certainly has it in spades.

Shreveport's been garnering national attention for its wealth of talented musicians, and Davidson seems poised to follow suit.

Next up was the Caravan Band, whose set list spanned decades and genres. The band's cover of Madonna's "Material Girl" was certainly a standout, and the dual male-female vocalists helped give a new sound to some old favorites.

the molly ringwalds
Photo: Justin Massoud

Then it was time for The Molly Ringwalds to take the stage -- and for the rain to really fall!

Decked out in costumes that paid homage to all things 80s (the band Devo and "The Karate Kid" to name two), it's easy to see why they bill themselves as 'The 80s Experience.'

After playing a couple songs, the musicians took a short break, leading many to believe they'd cut the set short due to the weather. Luckily, that wasn't the case.

The band returned to the stage, wiped down their watery instruments and pledged to keep playing hit after hit. We'd like to think the crowd's chant of 'Mollys! Mollys! Mollys!' also had something to do with it.

Check out our photos from Patty in the Plaza below, and let us know your favorite part of the event in the comment section.

All photos: Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Shreveport

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