It wasn't that long ago that these places were in town and on top. Once upon a time, these businesses ruled the SBC.

Shreveport has changed quite a bit over the years. Today, I wanted to list a few places that used to be a big deal here in town, but ultimately could not stand the test of time.

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    Hamel's Amusement Park

    For over thirty years, Hamel's Amusement Park provided Shreveport and our surrounding area to a fun, affordable theme-park experience. Growing up here in the 90's, Hamel's park was a big part of my childhood. Hame's closed officially in the late 90's.

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    Club Malibu

    When it comes to nightlife in Shreveport through the years, you'd be hard-pressed to find one more loved than the Malibu Beach Club. As someone who has worked in nightlife for ten years, I've heard countless stories of this nightclub as it was simply THE place to be. Club Malibu closed in 2000.

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    Shreveport Captains

    Believe or not, professional baseball arrived in Shreveport in 1895. The golden years for pro baseball in town came from 1971-2000 in the form of the Shreve[port Captains. For three decades, the Captains operated as a minor league farm team for the California Angels (1971–72), Milwaukee Brewers (1973–74), Pittsburgh Pirates (1975–78) and most notably, the San Francisco Giants (1979–2002).

    These days, Fairgrounds Field is a depressing ghost representing what it once was.

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    Crawford Womack Sporting Goods

    Up until 1973, if you needed sporting goods in Shreveport, you went to Crawford Womack. Crawford Womack eventually sold to Sports World, which is still a very successfully locally owned business to this day.

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    Selber Brothers Department Store

    Believe it or not, for over 80 years, downtown Shreveport was home to the three-story Selber Brothers Department Store. Could you imagine shopping in a three story department store today in downtown, how amazing would that be? Selber Brothers opened in 1907 and remained in business until the mid 1980's.

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    Sansone's Restaurant

    In January of 1961, Sansone's restaurant opened and the city gained one of their nicest restaurants. I've heard stories after stories after stories about this place. It's a shame they closed their doors in the late 70's.

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