After scouring the internet to find the cheapest house in Shreveport, and I believe I have found it.

Home-buying is, of course, costly and stressful. That's one reason I love living at Kingston Crossing in Benton...

I'm sure one day, though, I'll hit the house market and try to find a steal of a deal. If you're looking for a steal, and don't mind spending 10x the price of the house, on the house after purchasing... This might be the one for you.

After digging through a handful of reality websites in Shreveport, I have found the cheapest house in town. This bad boy can be yours for under $10,000!

Located on Karen Street ion Shreveport, this three bedroom, 1,600 sq. feet crib is listed at $9,000. Granted, it needs more work than I can possibly imagine, but it is officially the cheapest house for sale currently in Shreveport. Who wants to stop by and take a tour?


Cheapest House in Shreveport

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