Confession I normally have to be filled in on what people are cosplaying as when it comes to Geek'd Con. No, I didn't watch all of the Star Wars movies, I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch one. I can't quote Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Since when is it normal to feel left out by the "nerds"?

Krystal Montez

Turns out, Geek'd Con isn't just for the self-proclaimed nerds and geeks. People who binge-watch "The Office" and people who grew up watching WWF or should I say WWE all invaded Geek'd Con. I was one of the proud non-nerds who had to go and meet Oscar and Stanley.

There is a Vendor for every single person out there. Of course, many people were obsessed with Excalibur Comics being there, meanwhile, I was sniffing the soaps at Man Made Soaps booth and eating all the sweet treats that a local bakery brought in. There was a fortune teller, a game truck, artist of all kinds, face painters, and really there was a vendor for everyone.

Krystal Montez

I was able to hang out with Lori Petty. The first time I saw her in a movie was "Free Willy" I loved her in "Orange Is the New Black". I met Kevin nash aka BIG SEXY and he did not disappoint (He still has "IT").

To all my friends who may have avoided going to Geek'd Con because you thought it just wasn't your scene. I'm here to tell you Geek'd Con isn't just for the self-proclaimed Nerds and Geeks. Geek'd Con is for all of us!