For some reason, college football coaches are dancing more and more these days.

Nick Saban was recently asked what he thought about LSU Coach Brian Kelly dancing with a potential recruit and Saban said he did not see the video.

If you missed it, Coach Kelly went viral after this video surfaced of him dancing with a potential recruit, who ultimately elected to attend the University of Alabama.

Well, fast forward to National Signing Day for college football, and the subject of dancing came up with Saban.

It was then that he admitted to liking a local favorite line dance. Apparently, Nick Saban enjoys doing the "Cupid Shuffle."

He wasn't quite sure what the dance was called, but he did get the name right and we're certain that this made our friend Cupid very happy.

I did some digging and I did find Saban doing the very popular line dance and here's what it looked like.

So, the next time a coach dances to with a potential recruit, take it easy on them, this is their "new normal" and times it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

I would love to see Nick Saban do more dancing in the years ahead, even if it is just the "Cupid Shuffle." Too bad he wasn't in the official music video.


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