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There's absolutely no disputing that Michael Thomas is one of the best and most talented wide receivers in the National Football League. On Monday he got into it with another NFL WR in Miami Dolphins DeVante Parker on a social media battleground via Instagram.

The NFL on Fox Instagram account was running a poll, something to grab the attention of fans while there's a severe lack in live sports. The poll was which task do you feel would be more difficult? "A. Make a catch while guarded by Stephon Gilmore [Patriots CB]" or "B. Break up a pass while guarding Michael Thomas [Saints WR]"

Personally, both tasks seem extremely difficult and a lot has to do with the quarterback you're playing with, however, Thomas catches absolutely everything with his machine-like hands so that's the way I would probably lean.

The battle commenced when Dolphins WR DeVante Parker joined the chat by commenting, "A" according to the ESPN article.

That simple little comment did not sit well with the big-dog Michael Thomas, who by the way is always all over social media no one is safe from MT's fire.

Speaking of fire, here's where Thomas fired back at Parker, and the battle began saying, "For you, yes. Go run some numbers up. Then you can talk. I lapped you and you been in the league longer than me, first-rounder."

Parker attempted to fire back but it was sort of a weak shot by saying, "Got some hard feeling there brotha??? Let me get targeted 300 times a game."

Now, you want some real fire because Thomas turned up the heat with his next comment, "In other words, you weak. They don't even put your name in the same sentence as me. Remember that!" and "You still not going to do nothing. It took you six years and 17 weeks to have a good game. GTFOH. Blame your parents, not no QB."

Ouch, that one had to sting a bit. Certainly a body blow.

Again, another feeble attempt by DeVante to clap back by saying, "Quit crying bra," followed by a bunch of laughing crying emojis.

The exchange ended with Thomas getting the last word in and Parker probably realizing he was in a verbal altercation he stood zero chance of winning, "You can't even get a seat at the table."

Go ahead, wave the white flag DP it's over.

Parker and the Fins don't normally square off with the Saints and the two teams won't meet up this season either. However, he does know first hand how difficult it is to play against Gilmore, doing it twice a year as Miami and New England are both in the AFC East.

Again according to the ESPN article, Parker was shut down by the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year during their first match-up but Parker got him the second time around. He caught eight balls for a cool 137 yards aiding the Dolphins to upset the Patriots 27-24 in which ultimately cost New England a valuable first-round by last season.

It's fun to see Michael Thomas use something little like that comment from Parker and turn it into fuel for his competitive fire. It kind of reminds you of someone else we just watched a 10 part docuseries about recently...


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