TV ratings may not be the only thing high in the NFL next season.

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday the league may discuss letting players use marijuana to help recover from concussions and other head injuries – an issue the league has been dealing with for the last few years:

I'm not a medical expert. We will obviously follow signs. We will follow medicine and if they determine this could be a proper usage in any context, we will consider that. Our medical experts are not saying that right now."

Ironically, this year’s Super Bowl teams play in the only states in the country which allow marijuana for recreational use.

Letting players use marijuana might be a welcome change for players. Earlier this week, a report on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ claimed that about half of all players partake, with several doing so to cope with pain.

The change in policy would not take effect for a long time, if it all.  Marijuana is currently banned by the NFL and players can be banned for up to four games for getting caught a first time.

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