I think everyone can agree that the roughing the passer penalties we have seen over the last five years or so have been out of control. The rule has constantly evolved in order to protect the quarterback and enhance player safety. While I agree with player safety, the penalties that we have seen are ridiculous. The increase in these penalties being called hurts defensive players. These penalties are causing defenders to hesitate.

This is a prime example of what fans and players have been complaining about. Defenders are worried that they can't play as fast and as physically as they would like to because they are too worried about what will draw a penalty. Well, the NFL is considering making some changes to these penalties. Don't get too excited because it might not be the changes you were hoping for.

the NFL is strongly considering making roughing the passer penalties viewable and even considering forcing a player to be ejected from the game. In this aspect, it sounds like the NFL is moving toward what the NCAA has done with the targeting rule. There are still many unanswered questions as to how this would work. Would every roughing the passer call be reviewed or just the ones that warrant an ejection and what decides if a hit is bad enough to warrant an ejection? There are still many uncertainties and decisions will not be made until meetings begin to take place in March but there are some within the league who don't think this is a good idea.

On the bright side, if the NFL allows for these penalties to be reviewed, then there is a good chance that a lot of these questionable calls can get overturned. With that positive being said, there are some concerns that this could become too time-consuming. NFL insider, Ian Rapoport, gives an idea of what this penalty replay system could look like.

This might not be exactly what fans were hoping for when we said to address the roughing the passer penalties, but being able to review the play is a positive. There is no further explanation as to how this would all work out in the first place, but we will find out more when the league has its official meeting in March. Do you like the idea of being able to review the penalty?

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