The NFL Hall of Fame is filled with players that would be hard to argue against. Sure, there are a lot of arguments for players who have been left out, but looking at who is in the Hall, you can feel good about it.

When it comes to the New Orleans Saints version of the Hall of Fame, you can start to pick apart some of the members a little more. I don't want to single any players out, because that's pretty unfair, but if you look over the list of players that have been included, there are a few that might make you scratch your head.

Granted this is a team that's had some lean years, so without some of these names, you'd have years without representation...but still.

This year's entries will be hard to argue with though. Here are the inductees according to the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Linebacker Jonathan Vilma and offensive guard Carl Nicks will be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame later this year. Both players were on the 2009 Super Bowl team."

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