A video has surfaced that shows New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell confronting a man in a restaurant after she heard the person mention her name.

Cantrell can be heard telling the man to say what he wants to her being that she is standing in front of him.

Personal security can be seen standing by the mayor as she shouts towards the man who appears to be dining at the restaurant.

Facebook via Jordan Guidry
Facebook via Jordan Guidry

In the distance, you can hear the man ask Cantrell something about the evacuation orders for Hurricane Ida.

The man seems to ask why she didn't order the evacuations earlier and she goes on to explain that they just didn't have time.

Here's is the confrontation between the mayor and the employee of the restaurant.


Now, since the video from the restaurant has surfaced, a parody of Mayor Cantrell's confrontation has also shown up on the internet. Check out this hilarious parody and be sure to have your volume cranked up.

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