I'm usually not one to suggest cities work to get new stadiums. But with recent developments, it might be something for New Orleans to start to consider. According to the Louisiana Radio Network:

"New Orleans sports officials make their pitch to the NFL owners today to host the 2019 Super Bowl in the Louisiana Superdome. Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa are the other cities competing against the Big Easy. CBS Sports.com NFL Insider Jason La Canfora says the age of the Superdome hurts New Orleans’ bid."

See, it's that last little bit there, the thin La Canfora said. The age of the Superdome pretty much eliminates NoLa. But it's not just that. When you hear the rumblings from others, the damage that the Superdome has experienced through it's history, the size of the seating arrangements, and the facilities immediately surrounding the Superdome.

Having the lights go out in the middle of last Super Bowl they hosted probably doesn't help.

Without upgraded digs, it would appear that the title of 'Everyone's Favorite Super Bowl Town' may end up heading to Florida. To be honest, nobody outside of Florida really wants that.