I won't over-explain this one.

We all know what happened four years ago today.

If you haven't seen enough of it on social media, you'll certainly see more than your fair share here.

I'm sorry.

I am ashamed to share the first four letters of my name with the villain who ruined Drew's best shot at a second ring. It makes me sad to this day.

Every Saints fan holds this grudge, and as surely as they couldn't avoid seeing the reminders today, neither could I.

So I'll take on the task of collecting some of the best and worst anecdotes about this horrific moment.

Here goes.

I can't imagine spending that much to have your heart broken, and I've been in college.

Never forget, never forgive.

This take pops up quite a lot actually. It changed a lot of fans in ways that outlasted the season.

See? It even convinced some fans that the NFL was rigged.

I gotta say, this one rubs me the wrong way. What's he supposed to do? Argue with the ref, get flagged for it, and push them out of field goal range? Can't blame him for having composure.

Even players got in on the action, and former Saints tight end Ben Watson, who was unavailable for that game due to a burst appendix, had something to say as well.

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It's obviously a painful memory for Saints fans, and I don't blame you if you did your best to skip past every video of it on your timeline, or even in this article.

But it's in the past, and it can't hurt you anymore.

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