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Former Arizona State starting quarterback Jayden Daniels hasn't been named the starter for LSU, but his college stats says he's got a good shot at it. But what he's recently showed when it comes to his maturity might actually speak louder than what he's done on the field.

The 6-foot-3,185-pound Daniels started all 29 games he played in over 3 seasons for Arizona State (one of those the 2020 pandemic season with just 4 games). Daniels has thrown for 6,025 yards and 32 touchdowns, with 13 interceptions in his career. He also has a 62.4% completion rate. Daniels has run for 1,288 yards and 13 touchdowns as well. Pretty good numbers for one of the newest Tigers.

But when Daniels announced that he was leaving the Sun Devils program, not everyone in the program was on good terms with his decision. Videos were posted online showing former teammates trashing his locker.

WARNING: The language included in the video may be NSFW

Daniels talked to 247Sports about the video, and his former Arizona State teammates. His response was:

"It’s a fresh start. What happened at Arizona State happened with that video. I still have a lot of love for those guys over there and still talk to them at the end of the day, because it’s beyond football for me. I hope they do well this season. I will never pray on their downfall. I love coach Herm (Edwards) and love Marvin Lewis and those guys there. But they understood what I want to accomplish in my life, because it’s my football career and moving on to the next step and moving forward."

The level of maturity it takes to respond like that is something a lot of people Daniels' age have achieved. Playing the position of quarterback for a school like LSU, for a coach like Brian Kelly, takes a lot of maturity and metal toughness. Looking at what Daniels has done on the field, what he's showing with his attitude, and the fact he's still got two years of eligibility is all good news for the Tigers.

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