Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling could have his ownership of the team terminated sooner rather than later.

The NBA's advisory/finance committee, which is comprised of 10 team owners, reportedly met Thursday (May 1) to discuss removing Sterling as the Clippers owner.

According to ESPN, in order to force Sterling to sell the team, the NBA would need three-fourths of the 30 owners to consent. A vote has yet to occur, but could happen as soon as next week. However, Sterling could fight back:

According to the league's constitution and bylaws, Silver or an owner would have to file a written charge against Sterling, who would have five days to respond. Silver would then call a hearing of the board of governors, which would vote after hearing the evidence against Sterling.

Earlier this week, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver formally announced that Sterling, who came under fire after recordings of him making racist comments were leaked by his girlfriend V. Stiviano, was banned forever from the NBA. Sterling was also fined $2.5 million.

[via ESPN]